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Weekly Report -- 06/04/2012




Another rather fragmented week. Continued helping out where I could with the funding proposals, particularly finding references and tidying up some of the wording. Now we just have to wait and see if we actually get any of the funding we're asking for.

Taught 513 this week - we covered the recently published libtrace paper. I think I did a reasonable job of selling the students on libtrace. Wrote a possible libtrace programming assignment for the class which will be set if Richard gives it the go-ahead.

Prepared a 1.0.3 release for libtcpcsm. I've sent the release candidate off to a user who has been using the library quite a bit for testing prior to an actual release.

Started preparing for a new libprotoident release as well.

On the time series front, decomposing the time series seems to produce a trend line that can highlight genuine events in the data but there are still some caveats. In particular, none of our existing detectors work that well with the resulting data and it isn't clear that we can do the decomposition reliably when running live.