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Weekly report 05/09/2016




I updated RheaFlow's to code to make all compoenents start together using systemd. I also tested RheaFlow with Allied Telesis AT-x930 switch. While testing RheaFlow on the Allied Telesis switch, it was discovered that the switch does not perform TTL decrements of IP packets in hardware which impacts forwarding performance, I've started updating the RheaFlow code to include an optional configuration to order OpenFlow switches managed by RheaFlow to decrement TTLs.

I fixed's handle_packet_in method to log and discard packets received from the virtual switch's (dp0) OpenFlow LOCAL port. This was considered in the early stages because dp0's instances in my dev environment did not send packets from their OpenFlow LOCAL ports.

This week, I'll complete the updates for the optional configuration for TTL decrements and conduct further tests with the Pica and ZodiacFX OpenFlow switches. I'll also start work on completing the sections of the RheaFlow code that handles inter-switch link configuration and forwarding.