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Weekly Report -- 05/08/2016




My IMC paper on unexpected traffic on well-known ports was accepted, which is great news. Spent Monday going over reviewer feedback and thinking about what revisions I need to make for the camera-ready version.

Continued working on integrating STRATUS with NNTSC. Spent way too much time trying to figure out why my data was not being inserted into the Influx database -- turns out the timestamp for the test data I was using was too old for the default retention policies so it was being automatically discarded. Fudged the test data times to be more recent and it finally worked.

Added file operations metric support to ampy and amp-web so we can now look at simple graphs of open frequency data. Found some scalability issues with our modal dialogs in cases where the number of possible options for a dropdown is very high, so I've gone back and added pagination support to all modal dropdowns so they only load 30 or so options at a time. This had some interesting flow-on effects, especially for the latency modal dialog which had a lot of custom code for populating the tabs for the different latency metrics. I think I've ironed out all of the extra wrinkles now.

Spent a little more time with the July traces to track down some more unknown protocols. Added a rule for the Netcore vulnerability scan (which happens a lot!) and updated rules for a lot of (mostly game-related) protocols.