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Weekly Report -- 05/05/2017




Added another 5 protocols to libprotoident -- having a slightly more powerful PC for installing and running various candidate applications has helped quite a bit. Updated the rules for several more protocols as well.

Made some more progress on my protocol taxonomy -- I'm up to 'P' for the TCP protocols so I'm probably about 1/4 of the way through now.

Continued re-factoring the FSM generation code. Getting close to done, although I suspect the amount of changes and variable renaming will require a fair bit of testing to make sure I've transferred everything across correctly.

Added the ability to choose between TCP and HTTP throughput data on the AMP matrix. To do this, I had to bring the amp-web/nntsc install on prophet back up to date after a few months of being untouched. As always, there were a few issues with dependencies and versioning which slowed everything down, but eventually Brendon and I got it all working correctly.