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Weekly Report -- 05/04/2013




Very short week this week, but managed to get a few little things sorted.

Added a new dataparser to NNTSC for reading the RRDs used by Munin, a program that Brad is using to monitor the switches in charge of our red cables. The data in these RRDs is a lot noisier than smokeping data, so it will be interesting to see how our anomaly detection goes with that data. Also finally got the AMP data actually being exported to our anomaly detector - the glue program that converted NNTSC data into something that can be read by anomaly_ts wasn't parsing AMP records properly.

Spent a bit of time working on adding some new rules to libprotoident to identify previously unknown traffic in some traces sent to me by one of our users.

Spent Friday afternoon talking with Brian Trammell about some mutual interests, in particular passive measurement of TCP congestion window state and large-scale measurement data collection, storage and access. In terms of the latter, it looks many of the design decisions we have reached with NNTSC are very similar to those that he had reached with mPlane (albeit mPlane is a fair bit more ambitious than what we are doing) which I think was pretty reassuring for both sides. Hopefully we will be able to collaborate more in this space, e.g. developing translation code to make our data collection compatible with mPlane.