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Weekly Report -- 04/01/2013




Just a lonely two day week while everyone else was still on holiday.

Released a new version of libtrace (3.0.16) - now Richard's ring buffer code is out amongst the wide world and hopefully our users won't find too many bugs in it.

Got back into writing my paper on L7 Filter. Most of the content is there now, although I'm not entirely convinced that the way I have structured the paper is quite right. It's much more readable the way I have it now, but it looks more like a bulleted list than a technical paper.

Meenakshee's LPI collector worked pretty well running on some trace files over the break, which was pleasing. Next step is to get it working on our newly functional ISP capture point. Tested the capture point out by running some captures over the weekend - aside from a bug in the direction tagging everything looks good, so we have at least one working capture point.