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Weekly Report - 03 November 2017




Last week I kept on reading through more traffic engineering papers. The papers that I am currently looking through on TE cover different network types as well as look at various TE goals, such as resource utilisation optimisation, QoE maximisation and congestion minimisation. They were found from a literature review paper that looks at how SDN can benefit TE. The papers that I am focusing on look at OpenFlow and TE. Last week I have also finished and ran my Fast-Failover group timing tests.

This week I am planning on finishing off reading the TE with OpenFlow papers from the literature review. I also want to try and run more tests and see if I can get a sense of how long a recovery based error detection method (not using fast failover groups and precomputation) takes to complete. I currently have results for protection and would like to compare them with recovery. I am also currently in the process of looking for source code for some of the error detection and recovery systems presented in the papers I have read through. I would like to run some of these systems or methods and potentially assess their behaviour, problems and performance.