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Weekly Report - 02/12/11




This week I managed to create PHP scripts to fetch data from RRD files to generate the appropriate time series plots for the graphs I'm producing. I also spent a good amount of time dealing with the way the graph is zoomed and panned (e.g. the change of the time labels, loading new "parts" of the graph when zoomed or panned, and etc).

I used aggregation for the plots when the user zooms out since there will be too many plots if this is not done, making the graphs slow and almost impossible to interact. Aggregating the plots proved to be quite hard and some more work needs to be done next week.

I also managed to hook up NetMapJs with live karen data. The live weather map looks good in most parts, though there are some missing edges on the top level. For example, an edge is missing from the Sydney to Auckland (when viewed from top-level). Once zoomed in, the edge appears.

The reason for this is because Sydney is connected to another group node (AKL_international) that is a parent to Auckland.

I still need to tidy up some code and slightly optimise the way the edges are updated (needs quite a bit of refactoring).

Karen Weather Map (NetMapJs version)

Note: For the Karen network, utilisation is very low, so most of the edges will show a very smallish length of green. Also, the current colour scheme used is not the same as the current Karen weather map.