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Weekly Report -- 02/09/2016




Released new versions of libprotoident and libflowmanager with the new LGPL licensing. Also re-licensed and tested potential libtrace and wandio releases but haven't quite got to the stage where I want to push out the releases just yet.

Continued messing around with deriving FSMs from common system call patterns and turning them into runnable code. I've got 8 FSMs drawn up and have implemented 5 of them. Developed a bit of backend for applying my FSMs to the log data so that I can implement new FSMs with the least amount of coding possible (e.g. common actions like checking fd consistency and making sure paramaters match expected values are all done within a parent FSM class and the child classes just list the relevant data to compare against). Hopefully this will help move towards automated generation of the FSM code.

Had a few meetings where we discussed the FSM approach (and RA3 in general) with a few of the industry partners and they seem reasonably pleased with what we are trying to achieve so that's reassuring.

Helped Brendon try to debug some issues with data not appearing on graphs on the recently updated deployment. As a result of this, we've realised we need to re-think how we are storing and presenting traceroute data so that we can't avoid these problems in the future.