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Weekly Report -- 01/03/2013




The NNTSC export protocol is complete now and happily exports live data to any clients that have subscribed to data streams that are being collected. Using this, I've been able to get the anomaly detection tool chain working with our SmokePing data right up to the eventing phase. Fixed a minor bug in the eventing code that would result in badly-formed event groups if the events do not strictly arrive in chronological order (which can happen if you are working with multiple streams of historical data).

Fixed a few libtrace bugs this week - the main one being trace_event being broken for int: inputs. It was just a matter of the callback function being registered inside the wrong #ifdef block but took a little while to track down.

Spent the latter part of my week tidying up my libtrace slides in preparation for a week of teaching 513 later this month.