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Week 9 (06/02/2015)




This week I successfully setup a network communicating with CoAP. I've modified the client code of contikis er-rest-example.c to send CoAP posts to the 6lbr CoAP server. The CoAP server on 6lbr has been modified to handle the incoming light resource from the sensor nodes and prints out the light sensor value and the MAC address of the sender. From the debugging output the incoming packets appear to be received by 6lbr at irregular time intervals - this will need to be investigated further. Ideally the 6lbr server will receive packets every 10 seconds (this is the time interval set on the sensor nodes).




running er-rest example on cc2650 slip radio

Hi I am working on IoT security. I will use er-rest example meanwhile. I have installed copper and 6lbr and set the network communicating with coap. I could not find any example or instructions how to run er-rest client-server example on cc2650. Do I need to flash er-example-server.c file to do sensor? If you have any suggestion or advice please let me know.