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Week 8 (30/01/2015)




This week I looked further into the contikimac driver. Found out that contikimac does not work properly when 6lbr is in smart bridge mode. I programmed 6lbr and the sensor node to use contikimac RDC driver and CSMA MAC driver, but with contikiMAC enabled I was then unable to ping the 6lbr device nor the sensor nodes and unable to access the 6lbr webpage. With further research I could not find anyone who had configured 6lbr in smart bridge mode with the contikimac driver, which makes me think that contikimac doesn't work with smart bridge mode (only router mode). I also spent some time looking into contikis real timer (rtimer) as an alternative method to turn off and on the radio to conserve power, and have started writing code for this. Next week I will be focusing on the CoAP protocol and setting up the network with a CoAP server (on 6lbr) and client (sensor node) which sends requests to the server for sensor data. Aim is to modify the client code on the sensor device to have it post sensor data to the server on the 6lbr device.