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Week 7 (16/01/2015)




Looked at how to auto configure the IP address of the 6lbr router device on the Ethernet side of the network. Discovered that “smart bridge” mode for 6lbr auto configures an IP address based on the prefix obtained from the "home" router and the MAC address. I now have 6lbr set up as a smart bridge, and from the 6lbr website and logging output I can see that the IP addresses for the 6lbr device and WSN devices are auto configured.

From my Linux machine I can ping to the devices on the WSN network and view the website on the 6lbr webserver. By using the USB dongle and a simple python script to pipe packets through to Wireshark I can view packets being transmitted on the WSN.

Next step is to look into the contikiMAC driver and how to configure the wakeup and sleep times; taking into consideration router timeouts.