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Libtrace 4.0.2 Released




Libtrace 4.0.2 has been released today.

This release adds two new input formats: pcapng and nDAG.

This release also includes the following bug fixes:
* Fixed bad IPv6 fragment offset calculation that would randomly cause IPv6 packets to be incorrectly parsed.
* Fixed bug where SIGINT would cause parallel programs to assert fail.
* Fixed compilation issues caused by inconsistent BPF presence checks.
* Fixed errors in IPv6 and SCTP libpacketdump decoders.
* Fixed bug where a short cryptopan key would cause traceanon to assert fail.
* Fixed compilation error when building traceanon against new versions of libssl.
* Fixed bug where DPDK would not be detected if it had been built as a shared library.
* Fixed bug where the wrong parallel read function would be used by libtrace.

The full list of changes in this release can be found in the libtrace ChangeLog.

You can download the new version of libtrace from the libtrace website.