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Libprotoident 2.0.9 Released




Libprotoident 2.0.9 has been released today.

The biggest change in this release is that libprotoident is now using the LGPL v3 license rather than the GPL v2 license. We hope that this will be welcome news to some people who had previously wanted to use libprotoident in their software but were put off by the restrictions of the GPL license. Note that we are aware that our other libraries (libtrace, libflowmanager, wandio) that libprotoident depends on are still GPL -- rest assured that LGPL versions of these libraries will appear soon.

We've also added support for another 12 new application protocols, including Facebook Messenger, Facebook Zero, Overwatch and Baidu Yun P2P. We've improved the rules for a further 16 protocols such as Google Hangouts, Minecraft, QUIC, World of Warcraft and DOTA2.

As always, the full list of changes can be found in the libprotoident ChangeLog.

Download libprotoident 2.0.9 here!