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Libprotoident 2.0.6 released




Libprotoident 2.0.6 has been released today.

This release adds support for 17 new protocols including Spotify, Runescape, Cryptic and Apple Facetime. The rules for a further 7 protocols have been improved.

This release also fixes a couple of bugs - in particular one where lpi_live would report erroneously high packet or byte counts.

We've also deprecated the P2P_Structure category as it was no longer serving the intended purpose due to the rise in BitTorrent file transfers over UDP that are indistinguishable from DHT traffic. All protocols that used to be P2P_Structure are now placed in the P2P category.

The full list of changes can be found in the libprotoident ChangeLog.

Download libprotoident 2.0.6 here!