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Brad Cowie admin

Dynamic networking monitoring system

Most network monitoring systems in the wild today use static configuration files that require a lot of time and effort to setup. These configuration files will quickly become out of date and suffer from mistakes and incompleteness. By designing an extensible and modular network monitoring system that you can plug different dynamic modules into for doing things like automatic device discovery and the automatic relating of information to a given alert I hope to achieve a more usable and useful network monitoring system.




Since the last weekly report I've spent time working on my 520 project.

I also wrote my 520 report and submitted it.




I spent this week working on my 520. I have implemented an API inside my web app that will accept data from my collector I have written as a plugin for collectd.

Next job is to start drawing some pretty graphs.




Been busy with assignments recently so haven't had as much time as I would have liked to be working on my honours and writing weekly reports.

This week I decided to use collectd as my data collector for the moment so that I can collect data via the collectd network protocol and via SNMP as well. I have started writing a module that sits inside collectd that will write out the collected data into a backend storage system that my network monitor will use.

Next job is to pick a useful and flexible data store to use.




Spent this week writing a proposal for my 520 for how I see it at this stage. Haven't found many good papers on networking monitoring systems yet, did however find the IEEE Integrated Network Management conference ( which has a couple of interesting submissions that might be relevant to my project but since we don't have an IEEE subscription I've been utilising the magic Google to find PDFs of the submissions instead.

Also started playing around the DNRS (the open source NZSRS implementation) for our registrar project but got frustrated by perl modules and gave up until I have some spare time next time.




Spent this week writing up the blurb to define my 520 as I understand it so far from my own view of the project and from talking to Richard. Have also been working on assignments and labs this week.