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I said I'd start doing these again when the new WAND website came online, gambling that this was never going to happen. Unfortunately it seems that I was wrong.

Next week I'll try and have my automatic report generation system going - the prototype generates reports from SVN logs, though I want it to integrate with my Trac tickets as well. Until then, enjoy this painstakingly hand-crafted report.

This week I have been:

  • Cleaning up ClusterGL for packaging. There was a bunch of nasty Symphony-specific code (primarily the launch scripts) that needed to be made generic, and I'd quite like to have some .deb packages too. I ran into a few people at Eurographics who were interested in running it, so it's probably important I get it in a releasable state sooner rather than later.

  • Working on the hydrac compiler. In order to shift data from (relatively scarce) RAM to (relatively abundant) flash memory, I've developed a system that takes Java bytecode and converts it to a .c file. This means that read-only data structures can be created statically offline, and not have to be initialized at runtime on the nodes - this saves lots of RAM and CPU.

    This means I have enough space to fit more complex application code - before I ended up with enough space to fit 'hello world' and not much more, which was not overly useful.

  • Investigating accelerometer data processing on my sensor nodes to detect different types of human movement patterns. This is intended to integrate with a project we're running with Arts, and is a nice test of my phd work :)

  • Prototyping frustum-rotate code in CGL. Google are funding CGL development now, and they want it to run on their hardware platform. They don't use a display wall as such - theirs looks like this. As you can see, this is a rather different shape to our wall, so our existing viewport offset code won't be correct. Luckily, it appears I can simply inject a 'rotate by n degrees' command and it will be correct, or at least as correct as Googles current solutions.

    This gets slightly more complicated when more complex applications are involved, as they will attempt to do view-frustum culling on an incorrect frustum.
    I suspect this can be solved by simply applying a large application-side FOV - 'cl_fov 180' or something in OpenArena, for example. Further testing is required, but it's early days yet.

  • Recovering from jetlag. I wake up at 7am now, it's awful.

EDIT: switched to HTML formatting.

EDIT 2: Okay, markdown+html appears to work, kinda. Except every time I edit, it resets to 'filtered HTML', it won't save. This isn't entirely obvious, as it's a minimized field.

EDIT 3: This is all rather broken, perhaps I should have said I would do reports when it works properly. It would look a lot better if the list items were indented properly. Also this doesn't appear to respect paragraph breaks properly irregardless of input format, and forcing one using a br tag causes it to leave a much larger gap than you'd expect.

EDIT3: Readability formatting.




I continued working on my paper to CCS. I've got the most of the paper sorted, and have been focusing on what numbers I wish to show and extracting and verifying them from my results.
I have also found a lovely macro for openoffice that converts spreadsheets to latex tables.




Finished up the draft of the paper for ATNAC on inbound sessions.

Wrote a draft of my talk for ICT. Gave a practice run on Friday, which
received lots of helpful feedback. Will be working on incorporating that
in before I leave on Friday.

New website went up on Thursday, so I spent a fair bit of time poking at
it and finding problems for Brad to fix. Trac spam seems to be a fairly
big problem, even after adding captchas.




This week has mainly been focused on finishing my 'user study' chapter and getting the chapter reviewed. The feedback was pretty good but there are a few more changes to make.

The aim over the weekend and next week is to get as many chapters ready for Tony as I can. The main difficulty will be making changes to my introduction and getting it reviewed again before passing on to Tony.

Chapters 2 and 3 have some changes to make, then 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are pretty much ready as they are. Chapter 9 requires some changes and then once those chapters are sorted, I can write my conclusion chapter.