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Matthew Luckie's blog




I got through the first week teaching: mostly just introduction stuff
and easy first year lectures, though I did complete the first COMP312
lab session, which went pretty well considering the volume of students
in the lab. Gave feedback on reports to a few students, which will
require multiple rounds.

The goal with spoofer this week was to get reviews of the sharable tests
from operators. Ryan worked on the page to display only sharable tests,
anonymised, and put it on the spoofer website, currently unlinked. kc
sent it to a mailing list (I helped draft the email) and the only
response over the weekend (that I was aware of) was the sampling bias
issue. I guess the page will be publicly linked shortly. The next
highest priority for Ryan is the protobuf work for the client/server
system. Participated in DHS call with Dan, did some work on the spoofer
subcontract. I need to write up the deliverable document for DHS and
pass a copy past the DITL people.

I worked on the traceroute spoofer stuff again, writing a C parser for
the raw data to get all the raw data I need fast. The perl json stuff
was too slow. I want to put the inferences up on at
some point soon to get public feedback. But after April 1st? And of
course write the paper for IMC to get it off my plate.

Handed off remote controller for bismark to Alex G. Participated in
bismark call with Guilherme and Feamster. Short call as calls go.
Guilherme pointed the bismark units at beamer, where Alex had a
sc_remoted process. No issues on the bismark side but I need to rework
parts of the control socket protocol.

Gave Stephen Marcisak (NPS) lengthy feedback on his Masters thesis that
I am a reader on, on uptime. Good stuff so far. Rob pointed me at
additional raw graphs he has, which are compelling.

Next week: spoofer, teaching, proposal writing.