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Weekly Report for week ending 3 June 2011




Started to really dig into OpenWRT this week. Downloaded and built the
build environment/toolchains to let me cross compile AMP for an OpenWRT
router and set about getting it going. The method of constructing packages
is quite similar to how Debian does it, so it was fairly easy to get the
Makefiles etc set up correctly. Ran into a few troubles with specifying
(and actually installing) dependencies and had to learn about "quilt" to
automatically patch the upstream source as part of the build process
(quilt seems like quite an interesting patch management tool).

An Ubiquiti AirRouter arrived on Friday for me to start testing with. I
moved my development over to using their SDK based around OpenWRT which
means we can keep the existing web interface though trades that off for an
older kernel version. Successfully flashed it with an image I had built
and managed to run the amplet client code! Getting config files into the
appropriate places doesn't quite work as expected so it exited instantly,
but it did actually work which is a confidence boosting start.