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Brad Cowie's blog




Fixed this week:

  • Working with ITS we have solved the issue where some Eduroam devices
    can't communicate with 250-net. The issue was caused by a dangling VLAN
    interface in the FCMS-vdom inside the Fortinet firewall that was
    blackholing access to our network from some UoW subnets.

Security updates:

  • Rolled out openssl patch roll up to various machines to fix DROWN etc.
  • Rolled out new rabbitmq to AMP fleet to patch CVE-2015-8786.
  • Rolled latest drupal patches.

Business as usual:

  • Tested Debian upgrade path on warlock on a filesystem snapshot. Still
    have a bunch of work to go on wand website to make it work on newer
    versions of PHP provided by newer Debian.

  • Met new honours students, spent time discussing direction of their

  • Released new version of Bearwall with official systemd support which
    means it now works with new ubuntu that will be running on new wand
    desktops. Spent some time writing firewall rules to work with docker.

  • Started conversation with new switch vendor to buy a new multitable
    openflow switch. They seem positive to be working with us.

  • In process of working with another vendor to fix CPU load issues we
    are having with their product.

  • Looked after both Jamie and Perry this week who were in town visiting.